Chasin' Waterfalls

March 17th, 2002 § Comments Off § permalink

Today we chased waterfalls. Yeah, we did.

After a quick jaunt to downtown Honolulu to check out the St. Paddy’s block party, which was really nothing more than lots of booze and fattening foods, we went a-chasing waterfalls. Don’t you go singing that silly song now, children.

The rain was pelting the windward side of the island pretty much all day, but it was really clear and blue in Honolulu. We were driving back towards Kailua on the Pali Highway when we saw maybe three or four waterfalls alongside the highway. This gave us the spontaneous idea to go find more waterfalls along the H-3 highway, where I have seen literally DOZENS of waterfalls on my daily commute.

It was worth the detour. We did see lots of waterfalls streaming down the sides of the Koolau Mountain range. It’s really a sight to see. Too bad for those twits driving too fast and tailgating us on the highway, never looking up once to behold the beauty of the land around them. For shame. But we enjoyed it. Too bad we can’t really stop and take pictures… I woulda shared those with you guys.

I’ll miss the natural beauty of these islands when I’m gone, for sure. Gotta enjoy it (and chase it!) while it lasts.

I made a corned beef brisket in the ol’ crock pot, which was amazing easy. Threw the veggies, meat, seasonings and water in… and presto! Dinner was ready when we came home. Crock Pots rule. I’ve made a mean Tamale Pie in it more than a few times.


March 11th, 2002 § 1 comment § permalink

It’s not quite March 11 in Hawaii yet as I type this, but it is close enough.

March 11 is the six month anniversary (gosh, I remember it like it was yesterday) of the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

Today, a new memorial (although temporary) will be unveiled at Ground Zero… The Towers of Light. These are two columns of light reaching a mile high into the sky. I think it’s a great memorial. The real, permanent memorial is soon to come.

Take a moment today to remember those who have perished, their loved ones, and those who have shown us their great courage and bravery through this whole ordeal.

RSI Pays Off

March 9th, 2002 § 1 comment § permalink

Yeah, my wrist and my shoulders hurt. I’ve been toiling over the site since I got home from work last night, trying to come up with a better core page design, removing frames altogether and better navigation.

I just finished. And boy are my arms tired.


So anyways, after spending most of the morning and early afternoon doin’ this stuff, we are off to Dave and Busters. Playing arcade games is certainly not gonna help my RSI ;)