I slack. I think I blame the lack of caffeine.

I see you lurking out there, Zorgon. Help a sista out.

I had a pretty slow weekend, but I think that’s a good thing. We needed the west and wewaxation. Caught a coupla foreign films, a yummy dinner at Ninniku-ya (Garlic Restaurant in Honolulu), sleeping in, and a impromptu hike down the Old Pali Highway. You can see the pictures I took on our little hike at my Photo Diary, including some cool Jackson Chameleons!

I did spend a lot of time this weekend on the ol’ resumé. The time is growing nearer and nearer. K did get an offer today, but we’re waiting to hear from others to compare and discuss. Square shuts down officially this Friday! Tick tick tick tick… we’re feelin’ the pressure. I think I’m gonna put in my notice at work sometime this week.

What else can I say? It’s a Monday. Back to work. Dragging feet. Craig had mentioned to me today that this is a four day week. Not for us publishing cronies. We work all the time. 😛

Oh yeah, I gotta fit in some Easter cookie makin’ sometime this week too. I love doing that… it’s like painting to me. The mixing of the colors, the piping, the sprinkles, non-pareils, etc. I know that sounds painfully domestic, but I love to do it. Oh yeah, did anyone see my Christmas cookies?


Pictures of You

Eek! Sorry, no entries in a few days. I’ve been doing some backend updates to the site.

This is just a quick plug to let all ya’lls know that I have started keeping a Photo Diary on this site. This is to encourage me to shoot more photos and refine my skills. Come take a look, offer suggestions and such.

I am trying to get myself used to carrying around a camera all the time again. I used to carry my 35mm around ALL the time when I lived in the Bay Area. Why I haven’t in Hawaii is beyond me. I think this day job thing has been kinda occupying my mind lately. I’m a dolt for forgetting to feed my creative side. Hmm. Maybe I should also carry the ol’ sketchbook again.

That reminds me. My portfolio could use some updating. Damn. I need to start thinking about gettin’ a new job… the problem is, where? Hopefully we’ll know soon.

Chasin' Waterfalls

Today we chased waterfalls. Yeah, we did.

After a quick jaunt to downtown Honolulu to check out the St. Paddy’s block party, which was really nothing more than lots of booze and fattening foods, we went a-chasing waterfalls. Don’t you go singing that silly song now, children.

The rain was pelting the windward side of the island pretty much all day, but it was really clear and blue in Honolulu. We were driving back towards Kailua on the Pali Highway when we saw maybe three or four waterfalls alongside the highway. This gave us the spontaneous idea to go find more waterfalls along the H-3 highway, where I have seen literally DOZENS of waterfalls on my daily commute.

It was worth the detour. We did see lots of waterfalls streaming down the sides of the Koolau Mountain range. It’s really a sight to see. Too bad for those twits driving too fast and tailgating us on the highway, never looking up once to behold the beauty of the land around them. For shame. But we enjoyed it. Too bad we can’t really stop and take pictures… I woulda shared those with you guys.

I’ll miss the natural beauty of these islands when I’m gone, for sure. Gotta enjoy it (and chase it!) while it lasts.

I made a corned beef brisket in the ol’ crock pot, which was amazing easy. Threw the veggies, meat, seasonings and water in… and presto! Dinner was ready when we came home. Crock Pots rule. I’ve made a mean Tamale Pie in it more than a few times.

Jet Setter

I’m just about to leave to drop K off at the airport again. Yep, he’s still in the interview stage. This time he’s off to the Bay Area for a couple of interviews. I do hope for something back in the Bay Area, since I miss it so much… and to be near my family again.

What I wish for the most is for us to know something. The uncertainty is killing us. We’ve slowly begun to pack books up, and preparing to move. I’m also trying to decide when to put in my notice at work. I still want to be able to relax and see things before we go, but I also don’t want to be short on cash. Argh.

I’m tired. Must be Thursday the 14th. What that has to do with anything, I have no idea. Just looking for excuses, I guess. -_-

On a completely unrelated note, my momma sent me an Italian charm bracelet with a cute little 18k computer charm on it. I’ve never seen these things. Maybe it’s because I’m on a secluded island. Are these things really big on the Mainland?


This is annoying.

I have this piece of junk for a radio here at my desk at the office, and it randomly cuts out. It just decides that it’s time to start hissing at any given time of day. But for some odd reason, I still go back to it every morning.

I’d wear headphones and listen to whatever I wanted to, if it wasn’t for people poking at me all day with sticks. Either that or bothering me with some boring work thing. Can’t you see here, I’m cruising the web and listening to loud music? Sheesh!

I’ve found a moment of solace in watching Frank the Cat groom this morning. He looks like he’s recuperating well from his accident.