bought nothin'

Hope you are all enjoying your holiday. I love long weekends. I can sleep in for FOUR days… yes! Such a bonus.

Today was Buy Nothing Day, of course, and I hope that everyone was able to steer clear of the retail hells out there. I saw many a automobile driving on the streets, the back windows packed to the limit with shopping bags. Pretty sad.

But hey, we honored BND for ourselves, and it was really a good choice. We drove down to Castle Rock State Park (which is down towards Big Basin) this afternoon, to take a hike, enjoy the views, and possibly go Geocaching. Unfortunately, we were a bit late in the day, so the sun was setting fast. We took the scenic route, and stopped along the way to enjoy a lovely valley and ocean view.

Once at the park, we scurried along the Summit Rock trail, with the last fingers of daylight disappearing more and more every minute. Lovely trail, I might add… especially with all the golden leaves falling about. The blue haze of the imminent evening was all we had to see us along the trail… I had to start using the backlight on my GPS to help us along. Hmm. Not too good of a sign, but we pressed on, with about .39 of a mile to the cache.

Darkness was falling. Fast. I could barely recognize the forms of the barren trees around us, and I had to squint to see. My GPS read .28 from the cache, and I peered in the direction that the GPS was pointing. It wasn’t comforting to see a fairly large hill ahead… this meant a quarter of a mile uphill? I was afraid that this was not feasible at this point.

Yup, it was. It was a sliver away from darkness, and we would barely make it back to the car before then. So I made the executive decision to turn back. I had almost forgotten that the hike in was mostly downhill, so we had a nice(?) challenging climb back. Jeez, I am so outta shape. I was horribly winded, but we made it back to the car as the day turned into night.

Oh look, a present.

We got a parking ticket for having the car parked after sunset. Grrrr. I guess that Buy Nothing Day bought us a lovely parking citation!

Oh well, I wouldn’t trade this experience for shopping any day.

bitten by the apple

Grr. How annoying is this? They’re taunting me, I tell you! I professed my weakness for shiny new things with buttons, and what does Apple go and do?

They have a special sales event on the 29th… which, as you may have read the other day, is Buy Nothing Day, of course.

Yes, it’s tempting, but I made the vow. And I’m sticking to it.

Damn you retail devils.


The holidays are upon us. For many, this season brings joy.

Throngs of shoppers have descended upon the shopping meccas of our cities and towns. Strings of Christmas lights, images of a rosy-cheeked Santa Claus and a barrage of holiday sales have been foisted upon us. The commercialism of the holidays are unavoidable. For many, this season will bring stress and empty pockets.

I heartily encourage all of you out there to participate in Buy Nothing Day on this upcoming Friday, 29 November.

Simply don’t buy anything. Go outside, spend time with loved ones, read a book… just don’t succumb to the retailers’ “First Offcial Christmas Shopping Day of the Season”. Please do visit the Buy Nothing Day web pages to find out more information, download materials, and read about the history, debates, reports and news about this day.

This year, my holiday gifts will mostly consist of mostly yummy cookies of all sorts and hand-printed photos. Not just because of my lack of fundage, but also to minimize my consumerism during this time. I think that everyone should do something to curb their consumption, especially at this time.

It’s especially hard, for the geek in me, who always wants shiny new things with buttons, but I do try. 🙂

What will *you* do?

caffeine weakness

After over two months, I broke down and bought a cuppa Starbucks today.


I had really been into buying local coffee lately, from the obvious Peets to the awesome Coffee Society (which, I will add, is where we usually have Weblogger Meetups… there’s one tomorrow night!).

Tonight, convenience ruled over me. There is a drive-thru Starbucks on the way to my class in Cupertino, so given my lack of time and craving for caffeine, I drive thru. What can I say, the beans were calling my name. At least I had the opportunity to try the newest concoction, the Peppermint Mocha. Pretty good… it made my lips feel all tingly.

I worry that I have been sucked back in. Damn those drive thrus.

What’s *your* favorite way to have your coffee?


I have food on the brain.

I so totally diggin’ The Sandwich Project (aka the URL of Sandwiches, haha). This site features recipes for many delicacies, such as…

  • Bit of Yummy Posh (avocado, feta cheese, fresh asda pesto)
  • The Old Peacock Brie, Bacon and Cranberry Ciabatta
  • Grilled Spicy Chicken with Dijon mustard and Cheddar Cheese
  • Mozarella Salad Sandwich

And some strange concoctions such as:

  • Lemon curd…turd (lemon curd & pb)
  • Milk Sarnie (condensed milk on white bread)
  • Surf and Turf Trailer Park Style (a big mac plus a Filet o Fish)
  • The Spleen (mint sauce and grated cheese)

Make sure you visit the site and enter in your own sandwich creations! I’m interested in learning what you peeps pile between a coupla pieces of bread. Heck, I might even try it out, if it sounds appetizing… share some of your faves with me in the comments!

Since this is a UK site, there’s plenty of Marmite sandwich recipes for the connoisseur of brown yeast spread… which I do partake in occassionally.