stormy weather

We seem to have survived the Bay Area’s worst storm in seven years with nary a scratch. The North Bay got the brunt of it, with some areas getting over one foot of rain in one day. Ouch! We were lucky enough to not have a power outage, out of the hundreds of thousands of people that did.

We had a bit of a tragedy in our own backyard… the fences on the side and back have toppled over, snapping many of the boards in various places. We’re hoping that our cheap landlord will spring for the replacement/repair. *sigh* The fence was obviously old, rotting and falling over to begin with, and all he did was nail some posts leaning into the fence to supposedly support it. Doesn’t work well in a storm like this, does it?

I seem to have come out of the cold, stormy weekend with something resembling a cold or mild flu… bleh! Not good, considering I have a TON of stuff to do this week, including a boatload of freelance work, baking and Christmas shopping (ugh!).

Unfortunately, the storm is supposed to continue through the week… although I dunno if it will be as horrible as the weekend was! Of course, all this rain means about many feet of snow in Tahoe… 🙂

back to skull

Finals are OVER, thank jeebus. Let’s get back to business. What has been happening in Courtney Land?

I submitted my final project for my Flash class last night, and I must say, it’s not particularly stellar. It wasn’t supposed to be artistic, so I just did the minimum requirements. Maybe I’ll share it with you folks if I ever get drunk enough.

I think I fared well this quarter, I was really pleased with my photography class, and I’m going to pursue more classes in that department. I’m gonna hold off on more computer science/programming classes for now, but I will also be taking more Japanese classes. The next quarter starts in early January, so I have some time to kick back. I think.

I really want to play with Flash some more, and maybe produce something remotely good for posting on this here site, or one of the many sites I am working on. I really like Flash MX, it’s a lot of fun… my art background as well as film studies have helped tremendously with my learning of the app. Anyone have any cool ideas of what to animate for a fun exercise?

I’ve been playing The Sims Online a lot… I don’t even need the excuse of “I’m a Beta Tester, so I need to play a lot”. The game is seriously kickass. It has renewed my interest in the whole Sims empire (I stopped playing The Sims offline many many months ago), but has reduced my real life interactions with others, heh. The game ships next week, AFAIK, so you should definitely check it out if you’re a sim fan.

I have been posting and reading a lot more over at Killoggs, since earlier this week, Josh and Ben had finally scanned my head (which, I will add, I did see back in the summer when Ben was here) and activated my account.
Go visit
, Killoggers are a great peoples.

This doesn’t mean I’m ceasing to write on this here blog, no sirree. I have more plans for this site. Apologies to those of you having problems loading this site and the images (thanks to Antwon for the heads up on the Adobe vs. IE probs, more on that another time)… I’m working on it.