surfin' safari

Die hard users of Chimera complained that Safari lacked the tabbed browsing feature that so enhanced their lives.

Wait no longer, my mac friends!

Safari to get tabbed browsing
(found on ThinkSecret via blogzilla)

In beta 62 of Safari, which has yet to be posted for download, tabbed browsing can be activated via the hidden debug menu. Once turned on, pressing Command-T opens a new tab. In Safari, tabs are lined up in their own bar below the toolbar, much like the bookmarks bar. When the bookmarks bar is shown, the tabs are presented below it.

nuclear bombs vs. sumatran blend

From The British Coffee Association:

Strong coffee may be just what a person needs in a nuclear war. Researchers found that caffeine protects against the effects of radiation. (New Scientist, 1999).

Forget reading, I’m stocking up on coffee.

‘The powers of a man’s mind are directly proportioned to the quantity of coffee he drinks.’
– Sir James Mackintosh.

I’m gonna live forever.

toys for toys

I’m gettin’ a 20GB iPod tomorrow. w00t!

Gotta love the craigslist community. I found this unused iPod for a good price. I’ve sold my laserdisc collection (and even the busted player!), found an external frame backpack for bex, and I’m still looking for offers on my old Rio 600 MP3 player and Visor Platinum. Anyone interested? I gotta go through the rest of my junk and sell it now… I’ve been putting it off for too long, and the junk has just been piling up. I’m sure many of you can sympathize with that. How many of you have a “potential eBay item” backlog?

I’m distracted by the thought of 20 gigs of portable audio goodness… I can’t wait to pile my entire library onto the iPod, and then some.

Dethroning the Evil Empire

Peet’s is setting up shop in Seattle, right smack dab in the middle of Starbucks’ home turf. Are they insane, or geniuses? Peet’s sets up shop on Starbucks’ Turf

“We’re going to eat their lunch,” said David Schomer, owner of Espresso Vivace Roasteria. He said Seattleites’ taste for coffee is becoming increasingly sophisticated — beyond what a chain company can do, even with Peet’s stated commitment to frequently roasting small batches. “We’re not worried,” he said.

Are you threatennninng meeeee?

(via david)

move your feet

I’m posting this by request from the shoutbox, since shynola’s site seems to be intermittently down (original download page here).

This is definitely worth a post, anyways, since it makes me happy.

move your feet

by Junior Senior, animation by Shynola
(5.1 MB Quicktime MOV best viewed at any size! Resize as large as you can and crank it up)

Get it now, for I will be removing the file from this site soon.