tablet mac

it’s about damn time

The unnamed tablet system — featuring an 8.4″ backlit TFT-display and built-in Airport Extreme — will be marketed as a ‘Home Portable’ and will be targeted towards a specific demographic of users who want the portability of laptop but who do not require the power or diversity of Apple’s current portable offerings.

This is pretty durned exciting, we (and I mean mac users, hee) have been waiting for this for a long time. I want a more powerful tablet mac, though… this one seems like it will be the iBook of tablet computers. I think a more powerful prosumer model will sell better than a typical consumer model. I wonder if this will make the Newton geeks re-surface. I assume that this tablet will utilize the Inkwell technology… it’s the natural next step.

On another note, I wonder what quirky name this little project will get? Anyone know the code name(s) for it?

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puttin' on the ritz

My dad has had a moustache even before I was born. Heck, even before my older sister was born. The only pictures I have seen of him without it were in his Navy days, and when he was a wee lad (of course). It’s his thing, his trademark… everyone who knows him has always known his smiling moustached face.

dad1.jpg momdad.jpg

Nothing has prepared me for the shock of what he did this morning (sent to me by my sister).

I’m guessing he’s having fun with it over spring break (he’s goin’ to Disneyland, Vegas, and parts in between with Mom and Bro). Mom doesn’t know yet, she’s at work. I wish I could be there for the unveiling.

Hmm, I wonder if he should consult The Moustache Database as he grows it back. A new style, perhaps…? Eh, I think not. We want our fuzzy lipped father back. 😉

aloha… oy!

The spirit of Aloha lives on in an employee of the Radisson Waikiki Prince Kuhio. A hotel employee, recently named Employee of the Year, donated a kidney to one of his customers!

The gentleman was in need of a kidney transplant. He had told Jose that he had a rare blood type and this made it highly unlikely that a matching donor would be found in time.

The people of Hawai’i never cease to amaze. I miss ’em. 🙂

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back to the future

Why is it that the majority of movies these days are just mindless entertainment? Because it is the upbringing of the modern moviegoer… they were never taught to appreciate movies, and never really seem to want to learn. Why should they? Movies are just a source entertainment to them, so why should they have to think about it?

I found myself nodding in agreement with this article from Salon, paragraph after paragraph: Out of the Past.

“Since almost all of us grew up watching movies, we never feel that we have to learn how to watch them, in the same way that we have to learn how to read novels, listen to opera, watch dance or look at paintings. Part of the pleasure of movies is the energy that can seem so much more exciting and immediate than all that approved high culture.”

There seems to be a great deal of people have an interest in knowing and learning from classic movies, but what holds them back from doing so? The accessibility to such materials is so much greater… more than it has ever been, with DVDs aplenty and specialized cable channels such as TCM, IFC, etc. So why not abuse it?

At the same time, our information age has spoiled us. The mass quantities of information that we get fed daily is so overwhelming, we forget to slow down and remember (and fully appreciate) our roots.

I also appreciate this theory:

“There is something antithetical to the American character in believing that movies that are familiar and pleasurable to us are also works of substance.”

Another issue/factor is that modern day audiences laugh or scratch their heads at the dated behaviors and dialect in some of these classic movies (this is addressed in said article as well). What they may not understand is the effect(s) that these films have had on the industry and the art. Don’t get me wrong, there was a share fair of crappy movies made in those days as well, but how can we just write off the movies that inspire the artists and moviegoers of motion pictures past and present?

What do you want out of your moviegoing experience? Do you have any desire to get to know classic movies? What are your favorite classics, if any?

it's not your mother's internet

This is schweet. Chris and I have just completed a session of Warwalking in SF, and we’ve found a plethora of wireless access points right in his neighborhood. The thrill of seeing an access point pop up on MacStumbler is a geeky delight.

I blog this from the front step of Casa de Pirillo. It’s so cool. 🙂

My arm hurts from carrying around my Powerbook (although it really is a light laptop), but it was an enlightening experience.

My arms still are sore today. How lame does that sound? Soreness from a geek activity…?

“How did you injure your arms?”

“It’s an old geek injury. Got it in the ol’ Warwalk of 2003.”

“Oh you poor thing. Let me buy you a coffee.”

oh, agony, agony…