choco fix

For those of you worried about those nasty ol’ trans fats, but love your Oreos

Not to fear! I’ve tried the Trader Joe’s “Joe Joes” cookies, and they are just as good, if not, better than those bad bad Oreos. Delightfully crispy wafers, and really good chocolate cream filling… *drool*

No, this isn’t an advert, you silly person.

But, oh my… these are really good. *munch munch*

a proposal

I hereby propose that all weekends from this point on will be three day weekends.

Three day weeknds offer the following advantages:

  • two nights for staying up as late as we want, resulting in maximum relaxation

  • two mornings to catch up on sleep lost, resulting in better moods
  • A full day not sandwiched by the stresses of the previous and following weekdays
  • More of a chance to get your butts outside

I’m sure there are more (and better reasons), but heck, who can argue with a three day weekend?

Who’s with me?