a proposal

I hereby propose that all weekends from this point on will be three day weekends.

Three day weeknds offer the following advantages:

  • two nights for staying up as late as we want, resulting in maximum relaxation

  • two mornings to catch up on sleep lost, resulting in better moods
  • A full day not sandwiched by the stresses of the previous and following weekdays
  • More of a chance to get your butts outside

I’m sure there are more (and better reasons), but heck, who can argue with a three day weekend?

Who’s with me?

support the cause

joey.jpgMy dear friend Joe (whom I’ve known since we were silly teenagers), at a mere age of 26, has been diagnosed with a brain tumor which is cancerous. Needless to say, I was floored when I heard the news. Joe was the last person I would suspect that would be hit with such an ailment. But he’s a fighter, and he’s gonna kick this thing in the ass.

Support the Fight!

I am adding a little gray ribbon to my site (as well as sporting a real one on my lapel), courtesy of Support the Fight, to encourage awareness of Joe’s and many others’ illness. There are other ribbons to represent other types, if someone close to you is fighting a different kind of cancer.

Support the fight. Choose Hope.