social butterflies in the stomach

There are way too many networking sites out there these days. Almost everyone and their mother (and some of their dogs) are on Friendster, so I won’t really go into detail about that service.

I will say that Friendster was the best one of these networking sites that I have used. I’m sure that we have all received emails from various friends/colleagues/ex-lovers to invite you to join the newest networking site where you can meet/greet/date/sleep with a friend of a friend (or, the more commonly acronym FOAF). We’ve all wondered if these things really work, are they just like collecting Pokemon?

You can decide for yourself… or at least influence a decision or two in the comments. Here are a few networking sites that I know of (feel free to add any that I missed):

  1. Friendster (duh)

  2. Ryze: Good for professional networking. Meet other professionals with similar interests!
  3. I really like this one… as Xeni Jardin says, “seems to facilitate certain kinds of interaction (read: non-gonad-driven) more elegantly than some of the other services out there right now”.
  4. Everyone’s Connected: another “six degrees” kind of site, kinda crummy UI, but it does the job.
  5. LinkedIn: a very professional professional’s networking site. Good if you need a job, or need to fill a job.
  6. ecademy: another business networking site. I don’t know much about this one.
  7. Ringo: Not the beatle. The social networking site. Much like friendster.

Now, go forth and network to your heart’s content.

Byte Me

So, yeah… Comcast sucks. It takes a lot for me to say such a strong statement (and immature, at that, heh), but it’s true. Even one of their techs thinks so (neener neener neener!).

Phase one of Operation: Screw Comcast was to get DirecTV and cancel our digital cable. We are able to get more for our money with DTV. But Comcast decides that this isn’t fair, and decides to jack up the price of our Cable Modem access. Bah. Fine, whatever, I’m in favor of getting DSL later this month anyways.

Yesterday, a fellow comes to disconnect our Digital Cable and take away the cable box. Easy enough, right? He comes almost an hour and a half AFTER the scheduled timeframe. When he arrives, I verify with this guy that this operation was just to disconnect the digital cable, and NOT the cable modem/internet access. He nods, has me sign some paperwork, and says, “I’ll be right back”.

(the rest of the enrty is long and painful. I just wanted to record it for future reference…)
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With a new laptop pending in my immediate future, it is hard for me to resist any further gagetry when I go to the Apple Store or read the news and rumour sites. I need to stop visiting these places. They’re like crack… or so I’m told.

Tell me a reason not to get an iSight. Sure, it’s a wad o’ cash, but it’s freakin’ awesome. The latest mention of the shiny cylindrical camera as TIME’s Gadget of the Week and my recent discovery of (where you can meet other iChat AV users) is NOT helping.

And… argh! Everquest for OS X! Argh! I might as well hand over my wallet now.

ups n' downs

Dear reader, I have good news and bad news.

The bad news first: I won’t be attending Gnomedex this week. Circumstances just won’t allow it, and it doesn’t make a lot of financial sense for me at the moment to spend over $500 to party with my fellow geeks. Although it has been tempting, I just can’t do it. I hope to see some good mobloggin’ goin’ on if you’re going to be at the conference!

The good news: Instead, I will be saving my shells for a trip to Japan at the end of August! I am totally stoked… I have never been overseas (and Hawaii doesn’t count). Turns out Kev will be there on business, and I can tag along! Wow, this means I gotta get a passport…

More good news: Although I will not be at Gnomedex this weekend, I will be attending California Extreme in San Jose on Saturday. If you’re in the bay area, and you love arcade and pinball games, you simply MUST be there! I attended last year, and had a ball!