Doing Lunch

Well, due to other circumstances, I was not able to get to the exhibit hall at TenCon, but Tom did a lovely job of giving us a play-by-play.

What I did get to do today was meet up with a handful of conference attendees, along with the some of the usual South Bay Mac/Blogger peeps (listed below for our references, so we know who was who):

Hope I got it right, for the most part. Yell at me if I didn’t.

But yeah, fun group. I dunno if it’s just the company I keep, but the conversation always quickly devolves to subjects like Furries, bukkake and the like. Heh.

You Decide.

There was a recent influx of comments on an entry from January. Help me out here. How should I respond to such eloquent troll attempts as these?

Macs are so cool, 2 buttons in the pc is way to confusing.
Macs are the gooder!!!111
posted by Mega (link)

When upgrading a pc i had to open that metal box and stick stuff in and it was way to hard with my mac i just throw it away and go buy a new one
posted by jerry sprignger (link)

When buying games for the mac its so easy. For the PC theres like 100 games, for the mac theres just 6. when telling kids about my mac they were worshipping me, they were like, wow dude your the biggest noob ever. I was so proud.
posted by Jim T Bone (link)

macs go grate with my voltswagon beatle and all my other homosexual apperal that i put in my house,(my parents basement) yea im 40 and i live with my parents, thats why macs are for me because i suck at life and so do macs, teh colors are soo c00l
posted by MacsAre4newbs .com (link)

macintosh is 1337 hardcore , linux whats that?, all i know is that macs have a FRUIT as there logo so apparently they are FRUITY which is why i like them
posted by adsf (link)

Looks like some kids using RoadRunner over in Columbus, Ohio (sorry, Mike) need a good lesson in grammar and punctuation. They made me laugh, not with them, but at them. Tsk.

The Great Punkin

It’s pumpkin-chopping season!

I like Halloween, not just for the spooks an’ the candy an’ the dressin’ up. It also gives me an excuse to do some creative stuff, like cookie decorating, house decorating and best of all, pumpkin carving.

Gosh, that sounded awfully Martha-esque, didn’t it?

I haven’t entirely decided what I am going to do with my pumpkin, or maybe I’ll just get multiple gourds and carve a few of ’em. Last year, I did a matching Kiki and Jiji set. This year, I am tempted to go the Nightmare before Christmas route, since the characters are more recognizable, and they look fairly simple to carve.

Today, I found Extreme Pumpkins, with some over-the-top ideas for pumpkin use. I personally like the Carrie pumpkin, complete with a creative use for a zen fountain pump.

Other pumpkin places of note (for my future reference):

Any other ideas? What are you carving this year?

Cored and Quartered

Whoa, all this Apple-centric stuff lately is making my head spin.

Friday, we have, of course, the Panther release. In addition to the Apple Store event at Valley Fair that night, we also have a group of us meeting at Santana Row (across the street from Valley Fair) prior to the event for the Jazz Fest, food and drink. If you’re in the area and want to go, make sure to contact Jonas.

Also, next week is the Mac OS X Conference in Santa Clara. This was too easy to pass up, since it’s only five minutes away from home. Although I only have an exhibit hall pass, I will still be around. If any of you will be attending, be sure to let me know. I’m trying to plan a dinner or something with Tom Bridge that week, which would be great if we could get other Mac bloggers involved.

How d’ya them apples? *groan*…

Short Attention Span Theatre

Last night, I had dinner with Mary (visiting from D.C… she wrote the article I mentioned a couple of weeks ago), Loren and his girlfriend, Kelly.

We had a discussion about how much time we have on our hands (or lack of), as well as how our attention spans have been affected by technology. We agreed that with ‘net access in the workplace, we find ourselves surfing the web, firing up AIM, or sending personal e-mails more often that we normally would. It was also agreed upon that our attention spans are a whole lot shorter when we are working, with the urge to check e-mail or check someone’s blog coming to us every 15 minutes, or even less.

I realize that this is a sticky issue in most workplaces, with a lot of supervisors cracking down on personal internet use in the office. Some may argue that surfing the web during work hours is a nice break from the humdrum of the normal work day, and in turn, can make them more productive. Some people are able to use their willpower, and don’t surf the web unless it is their coffee break time or lunchtime. Some people flat out abuse their employer’s bandwidth.

How does your workplace handle this? Are they strict or relaxed about your use of internet access in the office? Are there screening procedures in use?

I know, personally, that it is becoming increasingly hard for me to do much work with high-speed access everywhere. I also recognize the fact that when I had a full time office job, I was surfing the ‘net more (and blogging on a more regular basis) than I did on days that I was at home… I guess that it helped that I had a fairly relaxed and liberal workplace at that time.

When (and if) I secure another full time job, I hope that I am kept busy enough that I am not tempted to waste time away surfing and messaging. Besides, I prefer to be busy.

Idle hands are the devil’s playground… or something.