gaming offline

On the past two consecutive weekends, K and I have visited the new location of the Legends gaming store (there’s also a more comic-centric store of the same name in the same mall) in Cupertino. I had no idea that they had moved on to a bigger and better location within the mall, and had actually feared that they had closed. The mall that they reside in has faded to a ghost of its former glory, with scattered stores and practically the whole lower level devoid of any storefronts whatsoever. I honestly think that Legends is probably the most successful retail store at that mall.

So we’ve picked up a few purchases there over the past week or two… a new copy of Risk (although we missed seeing the awesome Lord of the Rings variation on the game our first time around, rats!), some Pokémon cards, a few multi-sided dice (geek cred), and a copy of Chez Geek. I am reminded of the great fun to be had with offline gaming… how could I forget, really? The only game I’ve been playing consistently has been the weekly poker game (which isn’t all that bad, of course), and all other gaming as of late has been of the console or computer variety.

Recently, we’ve played a couple rounds of 1,000 Blank White Cards with the core of our poker-playing crew, which has proven to be a great deal of fun, and it’s a cheap game to play (all you need is blank index cards and some pens).

I do so enjoy a good ol’ game night to enjoy the company of friends. That’s what it’s really all about, anyways. I’m considering having a game night during the week on maybe a bi-weekly basis.

I wonder if we’ll bust out the 12-sided die.


I’ve turned into quite the “Do-It-Yourself” advocate lately.

I dunno if it means I’ve become more domestic, or maybe it’s just the artist in me wanting to get out more. I certainly don’t get to exercise my creativity enough in my day job, so of course, I must find some outlets. Maybe it’s also a desire to just do something “handy”… something with to get my hands dirty with.

It’s funny, though, because not too long ago, my mom, the “Filipina Martha Stewart” (as some friends have called her, but maybe it’s not so fitting these days because of recent events), called me “not so crafty”. Now, I’m not sure exactly what that meant… maybe she was just a fan of the Beastie Boys’ song, but I doubt it. I wasn’t exactly sure how to take this comment. I mean, sure, I wasn’t scouring flea markets for the latest Shabby Chic project materials, but I do disagree with her comment… I like to make stuff, I think I just like a different kind of craft.

The APE con really opened my eyes once again to the wonderful projects that can be done on limited budget and unlimited creativity. It was inspiring, to say the least. I’ve taken on a few more projects as of late, like more stencil cutting and t-shirt prints, mini-button production and the on-again, off-again darkroom project. I’m determined to get these things moving more than ever, and hopefully open up the door for more projects as a freelancer. I think I may go into producing promotional products for local artists and bands. That would be so choice.

Haha. I wonder of this qualifies me as a full-on Indie Snob. Hmm. Not that I look for a label… 😉

But anyways, I think doing projects like these are good for me. I need to do more of them. The sheer satisfaction of seeing one finished DIY product completed does a whole lot more for me than a full day of regular work.
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remote controlled

Well, we’ve had the TiVo for a bit shy of a month now, and although the number of shows that we’ve watched has increased, the amount of time spent in front of the b00b t00b hasn’t increased all that much.

As a matter of fact, the person who was hesitant about getting the device in the first place has been recording the most shows. Oh, snap! 😉

I do like the idea of being able to watch on my own schedule, and getting to see things that I might have otherwised missed. Oh, and we’re incredibly spoiled by the thirty-second skip. When we watch a show in real time, we’re often tempted to use the skip… silly us! Luckily, we’re not falling into the trap of feeling obligated to watch everything that’s recorded. We’ve certainly let more than a few movies recorded from IFC scroll off the Now Playing menu, but no big loss, really.

As for new discoveries? Well, K has been very much into Discovery Times, which has piqued my interest many times, but my easily distracted nature gets the best of me sometimes.

ooh! shiny things!

What was I saying again?

Oh yeah, new discoveries. I can’t really say I’ve found anything new to me, but I’ve rediscovered Good Eats yet again, since I haven’t been able to watch the show on a regular basis in over a year. I guess it also helps that I received two seasons of the show’s DVDs for Christmas. 😉 I like being able to refer back to the episode when I attempt to cook the featured dish the next day as well.

I’ve also become very attached to watching Mythbusters since it is the perfect marriage of a few things I love: modern folklore and um, blowing stuff up. Well, okay, stuff doesn’t always blow up, but it’s really fun to watch these guys at work. Highly recommended.

Aside from those shows, a few Adult Swim shows here and there, a WPT or two, and some PBS shows (hmm, that reminds me, I still need to watch The Coke Bottle Story).

Any other shows I should add to my list that I might be missing out on?

If you’ll excuse me, I have some shows to catch up on… at twice the speed.


Spring is coming. I can feel it in my veins.

Mostly, I feel it in my sinuses.

The blossoms are appearing on the fruit trees all over town… as beautiful as they are, they are deadly. They wreak havoc on my allergies, which only came to be only a few years ago. It looks like those allergies are here to stay. I must’ve cursed myself when I started telling people that I never had allergies growing up, and I seemed to be the only one in my immediate family that wasn’t cursed with the itchy eyes and chronic sneezing. By the next spring season, the symptoms arrived. Cursed pollens! *shakes fist*

I actually can’t say that I know exactly what I am allergic to, but I know that flowering plants and grasses can irritate ’em to high heck. They seem to occur on and off year round, so I cannot pinpoint precisely what triggers my eyes to water, my nose to run, and my sinuses to explode.

I am not about to go through the skin prick test to find out exactly what causes my allergies. Have you ever had that done? It has always looked incredibly painful to me. I have memories from my childhood, accompanying my mom to the allergy clinic, where I would see other patients with dozens of pricks/scratches on their arms, and some on their backs. Eww. Those sights affected me greatly as a child… I thought that allergies were the worst thing to happen to a human being, well, besides having your head or other body parts severed. I feared the day that the possibility of taking that test would arrive.

To tell you the truth, I would fear having that test done today. I have extremely sensitive skin, and any kind of irritant makes my skin turn red and itchy and not heal for days on end. It’s just not worth it.

Oh, and enduring allergy shots? Forget it. It always seemed like a pointless exercise to have to get a needle pushed into your arm that might or might not work for your allergies. My parents were on the receiving end of those needles for many years, but they still suffer from full-on allergies.

I prefer to treat my symptoms as they come. Currently, I use a one-two punch of Flonase and Claritin, and Opcon-A eyedrops as needed. So far, so good.

I’ll have this thing licked yet. Or at least I’ll blow it out my nose.