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These past couple of weeks have been a boon for the dreaded comment spam. Within a matter of days, I had accumulated almost 1,000 unique spam comments! This is a number I am not too proud of (okay, not at all).

MT-Blacklist has served me well, but my blacklist had grown to an immense size since all I was doing was simply clicking and deleting. It was too easy. But my huge blacklist has now slowed down my entire process of blacklisting and in turn, not making it as easy as a process as it used to be.

If you are a MT-Blacklist user, see Jay Allen’s entry Avoiding Blacklist Bloat to help whittle down on your blacklist or avoid the common problems before they start. It’ll make things easier on you in the long run. It also doesn’t hurt to have some knowledge about regular expressions.

I’m in the process of cleaning things up still, and this has been kinda cutting into my general online activity (which is just fine, because life in general is cutting into online activity, heh). You’ll hopefully see things pick up around here within a short amount of time. Patience, grasshopper.

I've been dragging my feet across my back

The TMBG show on Saturday was flippin’ sweet. We got there a bit early to enjoy some okonomiyaki at Izumi-ya, and arrived at the Fillmore around 7. We ran into Nicole and Brandon while in line, and we pretty much hung out together for the entire show. I was recruited by the TMBG Street Team to collect e-mail addresses for the mailing list (sign up if you haven’t… free MP3s!), and got an autographed copy of The Spine for my efforts. Sweet!

It was a great show, with a good balance between old and new material… although, as a lifetime fan, I am a bit partial to when they “go way back”, as Linnell says. Of course, their trademark witty banter peppered the performance (including Flansy comparing Dan Miller to Lon Chaney, heh).

They did not do a lot of their unique show bits, like bringing out The Stick, the Glockenspiel, and doing the Conga… although they did fire the Confetti Cannon during Polk there were also new bits, like doing the Wave during Violin, and Dan Miller’s playing of the Flexatone on Stalk of Wheat. As a matter of fact, it was really fun to see Dan Miller participating more and more in the show, with his multiple-instrument playing, his own mic, and his working of the crowd. Danny Weinkauf was very much in the shadows and did not bring attention to himself. New drummer Marty Beller did a stellar job and exuded a lot of energy.

Below is the setlist from the Fillmore show:
1. Intro/Fillmore
2. Thunderbird
3. The Spine/Memo to Human Resources
4. Experimental Film
5. Robot Parade
6. Birdhouse in Your Soul
7. James K. Polk
8. The Spine Surfs Alone
9. Bastard Wants to Hit Me
10. Stalk of Wheat
11. Drink!
12. Dallas Theme/Particle Man
13. Dr. Worm
14. Clap Your Hands
15. Don’t Lets Start
16. Mammal
17. The Wave
18. Violin
19. New York City
20. It’s Kicking In
21. Fingertips
22. Older
23. Damn Good Times
24. Jazz in C
25. End of the Tour

ENCORES (there were two!)
26. John Lee Supertaster
27. I Palindrone I
28. Doom/Spin the Dial
29. Twistin’
30. Sleepwalkers

MP3s of the Fillmore show are also available for download at their website, which is pretty sweet. They’ve been posting all of their live shows from this tour within days of each show.

After the show, I excitedly picked up an advance copy of the Future Soundtrack For America (Flansy’s project with and picked up an Orange Dream, Banana Malt and Curly Fries at Mel’s before heading home.

It was a good night.

such great heights

Not too often as of late that I will dedicate an entry to a single movie.

Garden State is one such movie.

I agree with Tom, each and every one of you should see this film. I had never heard of Zach Braff and never saw his television show Scrubs (which does come highly recommended from friends).

I cried in both laughter and in sadness. It is a film that grabs your emotions and leaves you deep in thought. I felt great empathy for the characters and situations. The directing and cinematography is absolutely lovely.

I will definitely see it again. Those of you in the Bay Area, it is only playing at the Landmark Bridge, but is possibly (and hopefully) opening in more theatres this weekend. UPDATE: I’m extremely pleased to learn that there is a much wider release starting this Friday 8/13. You have no excuse to not see it.

Go see it.

Also, the soundtrack is most excellent. The songs are perfectly tuned to the mood of the film. Give it a listen, it’s wonderful.

P.P.S. Saw the trailer for the Donnie Darko Director’s Cut attached to GS. Can’t wait.