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Two caffeine posts in a row? That’s like, a new record.

Just a short while ago, I returned from the second monthly Coffee Meetup at Barefoot. Since changed formats, Andy (the owner of Barefoot) became organizer and is looking to make these get-togethers fun and interesting for all levels of coffee drinkers.

You may be questioning, “There are different levels of coffee drinkers?”

Well, maybe it’s more accurate to say that there are different classes. Not sure how to most accurately describe it. There are espresso drinkers, drip drinkers, casual drinkers, coffee freaks (and geeks), afficionados, home roasters, home brewers, frou frou sweetened coffee-like beverage drinkers and of course, any combination of two or more of the above. There are also many many subcategories that I don’t think I should really get into, but you get the gist.

So tonight, we did an interesting experiment. We tasted a couple of Barefoot’s espresso coffees as drip, and then compared it to an espresso shot of the same coffee. It’s really interesting how a coffee changes with the method that it’s brewed by.

I’m still a bit of a coffee novice, although I consider myself to be a bit more knowledgable than the casual drinker. There is certainly a lot to learn. I had attended one of Barefoot’s periodic coffee cuppings, which are really intense, but you learn a lot (cupping/tasting four coffees within 2 hours) and I recommend it to anyone wanting to know more about coffee and what can make one type better (or worse) than others.

So the idea behind the meetups is that they will be for more casual drinkers that might want to know more, but mostly to just go and taste good quality coffees and chat. I do hope that we can get more people to come, so please do join us if you can.

Oh, and congrats to Barefoot for securing the title of Best Coffee House in the Silicon Valley by Metro readers!

South Bay Bloggers, remember that tomorrow night (Tuesday) is a blog meetup, held at Barefoot (I, unfortunately, will be a bit late). This is our first time trying to hold two monthly meetups (due to popular demand). Thanks to Elke for talking the helm for our group! We’ve been at it for two years now and we’re still going strong!

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