E3 2005 Retrospective

OverviewThe lazy-blogger’s posts is typically bullet-pointed, but I feel like it is worth sharing my thoughts on my first E3 (attending *and* working)…

  • My team from work runs like a well-oiled machine. Set-up and Teardown were a breeze because of all these great people. I really enjoyed working with everyone, and meeting people from our worldwide offices. Over this past week, having spent more time with my co-workers than I ever have, has helped me feel more like a part of the team. Spending personal time with them as well has helped glue us all together a little bit more. It’s definitely a good thing.
  • When the lights and sound go on, E3 is sensory overload. It’s nonstop noise and flashing lights, with every major booth trying to outdo the other. Seriously worse than Vegas, but heck, I enjoyed it. It makes one feel like a kid again.
  • Even though I didn’t get to linger at many of the booths, I was fortunate enough to be able to walk the floor and skim the booths. It’s really great to see so much creativity at work.
  • Working the booth was actually pretty fun. Compared to all the work and stress we endured leading up to this point, booth duty was a piece of cake. Absorbing the energy of all the fans is fun and makes me remember one of the major reasons why we do what we do. I certainly had my share of snobby and pretentious fanboys, though, but that didn’t get me down at all.
  • Hi tech meets Lo techAttending the closing reception of the 8 Bit Weapon (the first band on the Intellivision Music label) perform and drank cocktails poured by the Suicide Girls, while sampling old-school game ports to modern consoles. I also made Pink’s. When in Rome…
  • The company party was a freakin’ blast. Working for an entertainment company has its perks, I suppose. 😉 They really know how to entertain 5,000+ people, with the party taking place at the Dodger stadium mesa. With Jimmy Eat World kicking things off, to the Mexican wrestling (Lucha!), the neverending (and everchanging) buffets, to open bars with killer kamikazes, life was quite good that evening.
  • My favorite part about these events is for definitely meeting and hanging out with people. Meeting a few of the LA Metblogs crew at the most excellent Golden Gopher lounge; sharing booth duty stories with Caryl; meeting and chatting with Tom‘s friends at Mind Candy & learning about their Perplexcity project; hanging out with Ernie, Ryan and the Gaymers; grabbing good cheap mexican food with my friend Cecil and seeing EpIII; and of course, rooming with Nicole.

Empty concourseI’ve put all my E3 photos into a Flickr photoset, so please feel free to peruse my E3 experience in pictures. My only (minor) regret is that I didn’t have more people pictures, more pictures of and with my friends, but I guess I was just using that time to actually be with and talk with them. 🙂

E3 on the Horizon

Today is the last work day before E-Day.

I leave on Monday to assist in setting up for the biggest, baddest geekfest of the season, and I’ll be in the L.A. area for the entire week. The days leading up to this have been pretty frantic, and today is basically the eye of the tornado… the office is fairly quiet and things are pretty much set for transporting down south. Once we get there, it’s probably gonna be a non-stop madhouse though.

I’m reminded of Buzz’s thoughts on Macworld this year, in which he states that it can be hard to be an enthusiast of the company you work for (and its products). Over the past couple of months, everything turned into words, spreadsheets, blobs of color and other logistical junk that kinda dulled my enthusiasm for a short period of time. Last week, I started reading rumor sites, forums, and other fan sites that showed me how much everyone is looking forward to what we are bringing to the show, and how much enthusiasm is really out there. Luckily, it’s infectious and I’m hyped up again!

If you are in or from the L.A. area, I’d love to meet up with you. I have organized a Blogerati Get-Together on next Tuesday, which is a completely casual event at a cool local lounge.

Watch for updates here and in my Flickr photostream as next week progresses. Should be a ton of fun!