Abort, Retry, Delete?

You know it’s bad when you start using compu-talk in conversations…

R: I’m on the verge of a career crisis!
C: ruh oh!
R: hit restart!
C: force quit!
R: my boss already did that to me 2 months ago!
C: hahaha… unexpectedly quit
R: hahaha
R: process contains fatal errors
C: abort, retry, delete?
R: i want to reformat my hard drive
C: your internal or external?
R: if only it were that easy
R: hahaha
R: internal, save the external in case I change my mind
C: you can still boot from the external
C: perhaps you should make a backup
R: I’m hanging
R: too many processes at once
C: multi-task processing
R: maybe it will work itself out after some sleep mode
C: I recommend defragmenting
C: and some anti-virus protection
R: I’m so fragmented
R: I’d tell you about my bits but that’s nsfw
C: hahahah
C: that really burns my disc.
C: (this is getting bad)
R: hahaha, “getting”
C: dammit
C: Okay, blogging this
C: haha
R: oh boy…

Thanks Given

Best. Thanksgiving. Evar.

I don’t care that it’s as late as it is right now, I’m so completely content right now, I have to frickin’ blog it.

I am thankful for my totally rockin’ and tight-knit family. Without them, I would not be where I am today. I love them all and are thankful for what they have brought into my life, let it be enthusiastic support or utter silliness when I need comic relief in my life.

I am also thankful for the good food that I’ve partaken in all day today… as a matter of fact, every day. Thanksgiving is my favoritest holiday for of course, the fabulous foodstuffs, as well as the chance to have all the people I love under one roof at once.

I am thankful for good friends. I was fortunate enough to spend the latter part of the Thanksgiving evening with some of the most awesome people evar, and for that, I feel lucky. The friends I’ve made as well as the friendships I’ve maintained over the past year have proven extremely rewarding and I really couldn’t ask for better people in my life.

I’m thankful for feeling like I am secure and happy in my job for the first time in a long time. I’m thankful that I am working in a position in which I can exercise creativity almost daily, and that I work with such great people, at a pretty awesome company.

I’m thankful for my somewhat “new life” in The City that I love. I feel more at home than I ever have, now that I both live and play in SF. I do feel strongly that this is where I belong right now. I am home.

Lastly, I’m thankful for the fact that tomorrow (okay, *today*) is a holiday offa work, and that I can sleep in. Amen to that. 😀

Good night, everyone, and avoid any areas of shopping activity today! Remember that it’s Buy Nothing Day, and do something fun that doesn’t require adamant consumerism.

A History of Hairs Cut

The last couple of times I’ve gotten a haircut (all of them, at that), it was prompted by seeing photos by others of my massive hair. Observe:

taken by Jonas on our Rockin’ Gondola trip

My hair in this state actually looked alright from the front, it was when I saw this pic that I noticed how shaggy it was getting from the sides and back. Man, talk about hairzilla, huh? I thought my hair was gonna eat me alive at that point.

So then, shortly before leaving for E3, I got it chopped and thinned:

again, by Jonas at Nicole’s birthday dinner

Ahh, nice and streamlined, and fuschia highlights around the face (more visible here).

Next up, same thing:

Taken by Stewart at a SFlickr meet

Starting to get a little shaggy ’round the sides. Didn’t let this one go as long as the previous incident. The crummy thing about having short hair is having to get it cut so often.

A week after that, I chopped it off again:

Girl stuff

Pretty straight-forward cut. Kinda boring, cut pretty much straight all the way across, with a bit of layering to help the bulk. It didn’t really grow out too well.

So here is the most recent incident:

Taken by Fling93 at our housewarming

Yeah, totally outta control here. Flipping out underneath, totally bulky, scraggly and poofy. Definitely not flattering, and overwhelmed my face. As soon as I saw these pics, I picked up the phone and found a new place in SF to get my hairs cut.

So, here it is now!

The cut, hours later

I’m totally enamoured with my new stylist and new haircut. She thinned out the big bulk of hair that I am cursed with, gave me these long bangs, and gave me this cut that I can even wash and go if I wanted to, cos it actually looks great messy!

End vain girly cats-and-sandwiches type blog post.

House is Warmed

Our house is properly warmed, thank you to everyone who came by this Saturday to partake in our glittering view of the city on a lovely night.

We were concerned about the high number of RSVPs, but it turned out well, with attendance spread out over many hours. I think the most crowded that it got was perhaps close to 30 people in the room at once?

Lots of fun was had, with gaming of both the digital and analog sorts. Tons of good food, thank you to everyone that brought a munchable! My homemade tiramisu was a hit and disappeared very quickly. Many bottles of red wine were opened and finished (did everyone forget that all the bottles of white were in the fridge?)… we are SO set for wineCamp, I tell ya. All of the beer was consumed with great gusto.

We were having fun from mid-afternoon, into the wee hours of the morning… so with full stomachs and a good buzz going, we happily passed out in bed, saving the housecleaning for the next day. Ahh, good times.

Fling93 has posted an awesome set of photos, to make up for my slack… I only took two pictures that night, shame on me!

For anyone blogging or flickring the evening, the tag is “geekAerieHousewarming”.

Keeping it down

I am seriously tired of being sick.

A few days ago, I started feeling like my lingering cough that began in early October was worsening, and the nasal/sinus symptoms were returning. I chalked it up to perhaps allergies, with the weird heat wave that seemed to be hitting the bay area. But my cough was really starting to freak me out, sounding worse and becoming more productive.

I took Tuesday off of work, for I was feeling pretty crappy, and spent a lot of the day horizontally. The rest was most certainly needed. I tried pretty much all day to get in contact with a doctor to try and get this thing checked out that day, but response was incredibly flaky. I left multiple messages for my PCP, only to find out hours later that she was out of town, and I “could schedule an appointment next week”. Um, no. I am subsequently advised to call the Advice Nurse to try and make a same day appointment at the clinic. All I get is a voice mail, multiple times, and no callback. Grr. By the time she *does* call me back, it’s already the afternoon and they don’t have an appointment available until early the next afternoon. Double grr.

Took Wednesday off too, figuring it wasn’t worth it to go in to work only to leave 3 hours later. The doctor’s visit was pretty unproductive, she thought that I probably had another virus and sent me home with a prescription for some cough syrup with codeine. Whooo.

I was seriously getting fed up with this crap. I get an illness like this at least once a year, and no doctor has been able to tell me what the heck is going on. Allergists tell me their tests are “inconclusive”, doctors have given me rounds of different heartburn medications thinking that digestive issues may be causing my cough, others have given me antibiotics. At this point, I am frustrated and will try anything that might possibly help.

So I went and visited a friendly neighborhood herbalist.

Chinese HerbalistNo, not the ones that hang out in the park, duh… a Chinese Herbalist. My boss had been talking about taking me to one, for she totally swears by the treatments that she has received from them. So I figured, heck, it’s worth a shot… I don’t really have a lot to lose.

I was sent home with a big bag full of seemingly random twigs and branches, to consume the liquid made from boiling them in water over the course of the next few days. MAN is this stuff potent. Boiling this stuff in a big pot on the stove just fills the house with the strong scent of these herbs. The dark brown liquid that results after boiling it for an hour is nice(?) and stinky, and is really tough going down. It just tastes like dirt to me… reminiscent of taking a spill on a soccer field.

So I am only on day two of quaffing this stuff, and I’m already sick of it. Maybe it’s the thought of drinking it again that scares our bodies into getting better, heh.

We’ll see how it goes… I have to be swilling this brown stinky liquid till Sunday. Wish me luck.