You probably wouldn’t have recognized me just a few years ago.

I’m not speaking in a physical sense, although my appearance has changed only slightly, I speak in terms of some personality changes that I have gone through in recent years.

I used to be fairly introverted… the in a sense, the typical weird, quirky and eccentric artist type. Okay, well, even more so, the weird, quirky and eccentric geek type. I was definitely more quiet, soft-spoken, and sometimes even bordered on anti-social.

I took it upon myself when I moved back to CA from HI to meet new people, going to meetups as well as attending cultural and art events. Blogs and blogging became a big driving force in my social life, introducing me to all sorts of fun and interesting people, both OL and IRL. Face to face meetings slowly replaced these mostly online interactions, until it got to the point that I was meeting people in meatspace before getting to know their blogs and other online incarnations. I kinda like it this way, because I really like people. I like meeting new people and getting to know them, getting past the acquaintance stage and feeling like I can genuinely call someone a friend.

Moving to SF was definitely a huge boost, naturally. With most of my friends living within The City, and with the amazing amount of interesting things going on, it was like a feast the day I moved in, and hasn’t really slowed down.

Of course, once can’t deny their geeky tendencies. Technology continues to be a big part of my social life, with Dodgeball playing a huge part (it works as advertised: “See your friends more”), as well as for keeping up on events, Plazes for keeping up with where your OL friends are physically, and also connecting with others over SMS, IM and IRC. I’m also hopeful for the newly revamped to contribute to the already long list of things to do in SF. All of these are useful tools that I used in my socializing here in The City.

So like that, suddenly I was strangely labeled as “the popular girl” with her own effing fan club. It’s kinda surreal, and the attention is definitely something I am *not* used to at all. My friends that are not within the circle I socialize with regularly are amazed at how many people we know. I really like how small this city is, and that I know enough people to regularly bump into them, randomly on the streets and in our favorite places.

Aynne recently tagged me with Sanfransocialite. I guess it sticks.

Got a Round Tuit

I’ve been putting off blogging for a few reasons, and the excuses aren’t really all that good. The more time that passes between each entry, the harder it is to get back into the flow. The stupid thing is, I started this current blog to be free of the constraints of the old one, and I see myself falling into those old patterns.

I told myself that I’d write a New Year’s post, but there was so much to say about the past year, that I got overwhelmed and simply didn’t write anything. So here I am, three weeks into the new year and I still haven’t written anything. I figured I should just start typing and let things just flow forth and hit the “publish” button when my fingers stop.

Me in 2005
Photos of me from each month of last year

As many of you know, the past year brought a lot of change for me, mostly for the better (and honestly, I can’t think of any changes that were really all that bad for me). I guess my only complaint right now is that there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do. 😉

RL has taken precedence over my online life, although my offline life continues to be supplemented and documented online. I guess I can’t deny those geeky tendencies. Most of the people that I care for (and vice versa) know the fine details, so I won’t really waste the time and energy right now to recap what’s been up with me. I have no problem writing an email, going for coffee talk, chatting on the phone or IM, so hit me up so we can catch up sometime. 🙂

Oh, and that my attention span seems to be waning. I blame the internets.

Ooh! Shiny thing!

Hopefully, you’ll be hearing more from me!